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Our extensive expertise in municipal infrastructures, major civil engineering projects and general contracting is at your service. For more than 50 years now, we have played an integral role in many key projects. Here are just a few which demonstrate what we can do for you.

Client : Montreal International Airport (ADM)
P2S, P2N, P2C, Hanger T-123, Air Canada Baggage Handling: Montreal International Airport

This project consisted of all excavation, backfill, decontamination and sewer systems work required for the expansion to the new North, South and Central Jetties constructed at the Montreal International airport. All work was to be conducted without any disturbance to normal airport operations.

Client : Montreal International Airport (ADM)
Lot 201 : Excavation, Piling, Shoring, Decontamination and Relocation of underground services for the construction of a new hotel (15,000 m2 per floor x 8 floors): Montreal International Airport

This project consisted of a 15m deep mass excavation, with shoring and relocation of all critical and existing services such as telecommunications and aqueducts. The purpose was to accommodate the arrival of a new train from downtown Montreal as well as underground parking. All operations were performed without any disturbance to normal airport operations.

Client : City of Montreal (borough of Lachine)
Rehabilitation of 32nd, 6th, 7th,8th, 9th,11th,16th ave. Notre Dame, Victoria in the City of Lachine, Quebec

This project consisted of rehabilitating the road and installing new sewer lines, aqueduct lines, lighting, paving and sidewalks throughout this very old, existing sector of the city. With homes, hospitals and schools surrounding this work area, was not only very restraint but also highly populated. Planning with city officials was the key to our success in achieving our main objective, to ensure minimal inconvenience to the city’s residents.

Client : Le Groupe Catalogna
Les Lofts de la 1iere Avenue a Lachine (11,000 m2)

This project consisted of retrofitting one of our own existing commercial buildings. This old manufacturing building was transformed into 101 beautiful residential lofts and represents one of our first residential development projects.

Client : Le Groupe Catalogna
Soccerplexe Catalogna (16,000 m2)

This project was very special to us as we were first to develop and operate such a sports centre in Quebec. This unique centre consists of both indoor and outdoor full sized regulation soccer fields made of Fieldturf’s synthetic turf. The outdoor field is covered by a freestanding dome for the winter months.

Client : City of St-Eustache
Complexe Multisport St-Eustache

Thanks to our diverse knowledge in designing, building and operating a similar facility, this design build project was awarded to et Frères Ltée. and our consortium partner Lambda Construction. We built this multisport facility over 10,000 m2 feet. With the cooperation of city officials, we accomplished a project which was not only viable but also well within their budget.

Client : Montreal International Airport (ADM)
Rehabilitation of Runway BRAVO: Montreal International Airport

To accommodate today’s wider commercial aircrafts such as the new Airbus A380, this project consisted of the widening and rehabilitation of the Bravo runway at the Montreal international airport.

Client : Montreal International Airport (ADM)
Air Transat (Airplane parking): Montreal International Airport

This project consisted of building the overnight parking for Air Transat planes.

Client : Casiloc
Casino de Montreal: Parking S-3 and Connection of two Pavilions

This project consisted of building and landscaping all the exterior overflow parking. In addition, we connected the main building with the new expansion. This included all electrical deviations ( 25KVA) and civil services. Casino operations were not at all disrupted during this work.

Client : Agence Métropolitain de Transport (AMT)
Metro Laval – Montmorency Station in Laval, QC.

We participated in the construction of the Montmorency station, a metro train line which connects Laval to Montreal. Civil works, sewer systems, excavation of main shaft and backfilling of the open cut portion of the tunnel represented the work conducted.


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